System Tasks and System Logs - Audit

Avanan Portal provides System Tasks and System Logs for Audit purposes. It allows tracking of the actions performed in the Avanan Portal.

System Tasks

Avanan Portal performs operations that can take a few minutes or even longer periods. To prevent the users from waiting until the operation is complete, Avanan Portal includes a System Tasks screen that shows these long tasks' status.

System Tasks are located under the Audit menu (Audit > System Tasks). You can see all the tasks that were executed with their status.


Clicking on one of the tasks shows a dialog that presents the current task status, with all the steps executed. If the task has failed, it shows the error reason.


To retry a failed task, click Retry.

System Logs

All actions are reported to the System Logs. To see the logs, go to Audit > System Logs.

To see the required logs, use Filters.

To export logs to an excel file, click Export to CSV.

Note - The System Logs are retained only for 12 months.