Reports - Security Checkup

The Security Checkup report gives a periodic overview of all the threats detected in the SaaS applications protected by Avanan.

It gives insights into the threats detected and how Avanan handled these threats based on the configured policies.

It also provides information about the latest threats your organization faces, whether they are fully prevented or not.

It helps understand the most attacked users, the type of phishing techniques used against them, and the data leaked (if any), which is crucial.

The Security Checkup report is sent on every Sunday to all the administrators configured to receive it.

If required, you can also generate the Security Checkup report from the Avanan Portal.

To generate Security Checkup Report:

  1. Go to Analytics & Reports > Security Checkup.
  2. Click Generate now.
  3. Enter the required report name.
  4. Select the required Time Frame (Last 1 week or Last 2 weeks).
  5. Click Generate.
    The system starts generating the Security Checkup report.
  6. Click OK.
    You can track the report generation status from the Audit > System Tasks page.
    After the report gets generated, you can see the report in the Security Checkup page.

Note – If you need a monthly Security Checkup report, contact Avanan Support.