SaaS Security - Gmail - Integration


The Avanan Gmail V2 integration requires an additional configuration of Exclusion Rules for customers using GCDS. Avanan automatically creates and manages 4 Google Groups upon authorization of the Gmail App.

GCDS, an on-prem solution, deletes the Avanan groups upon sync with the Google Cloud. The GCDS sync is an automated process that happens periodically. Should the customer set up the Exclusion Rules, the GCDS sync will not delete the groups.

Below, you will see:

  • an image showing what the Exclusion Rules look like.
  • the configuration steps to set up the Exclusion Rules.


GCDS Exclusion Rules


Configuration Steps
  1. Go to Google Domain Configuration
  2. Go to Exclusion Rules
  3. Create Exclusion Rules, each with:
    1. Type: Group Email Address
    2. Match Type: Exact Match
  4. As you create the Exclusion Rules, add the email addresses below to each. (1 email/Exclusion Rule; 4 Rules in total):
    1. avanan_inline_policy@DOMAIN.COM
    2. avanan_inline_rule@DOMAIN.COM
    3. avanan_monitor_policy@DOMAIN.COM
    4. avanan_monitor_rule@DOMAIN.COM
  5. Save and Sync for the changes to take effect.
  6. You may now authorize Gmail without the Google Groups getting deleted.
    1. If you’ve already authorized and your Groups were deleted, then ask Support to recreate the Groups for you.