Reports - Daily Quarantine Digest

Daily Quarantine Digest allows you to send a daily email report to end-users about quarantined and junk/spam emails.

Global and targeted attacks can generate multiple phishing emails per day, and each one results in a quarantine notification email from Avanan based on the policy defined by the admin. When you activate the Daily Quarantine Digest, the user receives a single, aggregated email report per day for the quarantined emails.

In addition, the Daily Quarantine Digest includes emails that were sent to the Junk folder, so the user can find any misclassified emails.

Note - After enabling Daily Quarantine Digest, the Admin can enable or disable the per-quarantine notification.

The report includes:

  • Quarantined emails -  Emails quarantined by Avanan based on the policy workflow. Each quarantined email has an associated user action:
    • Request to release – Sends a notification to the Admin to release the email. After the Admin approves, the email is delivered to the Inbox.
    • Release – Delivers the email to the Inbox immediately.
  • Junk emails: Emails that were identified as junk/spam by SmartPhish or Microsoft Office 365 (Spam Confidence Level (SCL) >= 5). By default, these emails are sent to the Junk folder. Users must review and move relevant emails to Inbox.


  • The report does not include quarantined emails that do not allow user action.
  • If no events happened in the last 24 hours, the user will not receive the daily quarantine digest email.

Configuring Daily Quarantine Digest

  1. Log in to the Avanan portal.
  2. Click User Interaction > Configuration.
  3. Scroll down to the Daily Quarantine Report to End User section.
  4. Under the Daily digest reporting mailbox, enter the sender email address.

    • If you leave this field empty, the daily digest will be sent from no-reply@[recipient domain]. For example, receives the quarantine report from

    • If you enter an email address from an external domain, the daily digest emails might get blocked depending on the configuration of other MTAs in the email flow.

  5. Enable End-User daily aggregated email report.
  6. (Optional) If you do not want to send an email notification immediately for each quarantined email, enable Do not send immediate quarantine notification email.
  7. Do one of these actions:
    • To send the daily quarantine report to all users, select All Users.
    • To send the daily quarantine report to specific users, select Select Users, and then do these steps.
      1. In the Specific Users and Groups list, select the users or groups.
      2. Click Add to Selected.
        The selected users and groups are displayed in the Selected list.
  8. Click Save and Apply.