SAML Configuration for Okta

1. Ensure you have a working OKTA account, if not create one here
2. Follow these SAML Appication in OKTA guidelines:
3. For step#7, on your Avanan’s dashboard navigate to Settings-> Advanced-> Configure SAML -> SAML SSO url (its looks like https://{domain} and type this url
4. On the same page choose ‘Application username‘ property as ‘Email’
5. You can skip “Attribute Statements” section (step 8)
6. For step #10, on your Avanan dashboard navigate to Settings->Advanced->Configure SAML->Metadata URL, copy the identity provider metadata' link and paste it in the Configure SAML dialog.
7. Logout from the Avanan Dashboard. Now you will see a new ‘Login with SAML’ button on the login screen + you will be able to run application from Okta directly from https://{domain}


The following Steps are Performed From the Avanan Portal


From the Avanan Portal navigate to Configuration -> Settings




In the configure SAML window paste the URL from the SSO provider




Once configuration is done, a new button will appear in login screen