SAML Configuration for Azure

This document is a step-by-step guide to setting up an Azure app as your IDP (identity provider) to allow SAML
Setting up your Azure app:
1. Go to Microsoft Azure and set up an application
2. Initialize your app
3. Enter your app’s configuration
4. Choose the SAML sign on mode
5. Configuring SAML part 1:
Note: The log in URLs are URLs of your own server (so you need to extract them from your project)
6. Configuring SAML part 2
And don’t forget to save!
7. Configuring SAML part 3:

Linking the Azure app as the IDP of your Avanan Portal 

By now you should have three things:
● An Azure app that can serve as a sign on SAML server
● An XML with the metadata of the azure app (extracted during step 7 in the “Setting up your Azure app” guide)
● The EntityID of said app
1. Log into Avanan with an admin user
2. Open the settings menu and click on the “Configure SAML” button
3. Configure the SAML authentication for Avanan