Managing Quarantine

Avanan quarantines emails, files, and messages based on the security policies and the settings of the different engines.

According to the policy, end users may be able to submit restore request for quarantined emails. Administrators then need to decide whether to approve restore requests or not.

Quarantined Items

Under User Interaction > Quarantined Items, you will find all the quarantined items per protected application.

From this view you will also be able to:

  • Filter through the quarantined items
  • Drill down to relevant quarantined items for more information
  • Release (restore) items from quarantine

Use the application selector at the top of the page to select the quarantine list you wish to review.

Quarantined Items

Emails with Modified Attachments

Under User Interaction > Modified Attachments, you can see emails with attachments in which links are replaced.

Note -  The page does not show emails where links in the email body were replaced.

Sending unmodified emails to the end-user

To send the email with original attachments and URLs to the end-user, do one of these.

  1. Go to User Interaction > Modified Attachments.
  2. Click the vertical ellipses icon for the required email from the last column of the request table and select Send Original.
  3. To send multiple emails at a time, select the emails and click Send Original at the top-right corner of the page.
    Note - When the original email is sent to the end-user, it replaces the previously modified email in the end-user mailbox.