Managing Licenses

Under Policy, you can create policy rules for each protected SaaS application. You can apply a rule to all users or a specific group of users that you define.

Protected and Licensed Users

  • Only user accounts (user mailboxes) with a valid license are protected by Avanan.
  • Every user account with a Microsoft/Google/other license to any protected applications consumes an Avanan license from the quota.
  • If both the Google and Microsoft applications are protected, every user associated with a licensed email address will be counted so that the same person can consume two licenses.
  • To restrict the list of protected users, see Limiting license consumption.
  • Shared mailboxes, Group mailboxes, and other aliases will be protected but will not be counted for licensing purposes. Licenses for these mailboxes should NOT be purchased.
  • At the moment, users with licenses only for Microsoft Teams will be protected but will not show up as consuming licenses. However licenses for these users should be purchased.
  • Avanan portal sync users every 24 hours with Microsoft and Google accounts. So, deleting or adding a user might take up to 24 hours to affect the license count.

Limiting license consumption and security inspection to a specific group

After activating the SaaS application, Avanan inspects emails, messages and files for the selected users in the Microsoft 365/Google account.

To limit the license consumption and security inspection to a specific group:

  1. Sign in to the Avanan portal.
  2. Navigate to Configuration > SaaS Applications.
  3. Click Configure for Office 365 Mail or Gmail.
  4. In the pop-up that opens, click Configure groups filter.
  5. Select a group selection.
    • All organization - Licenses will be assigned automatically to your user mailboxes.
    • Specific group - Enter the name of the group in Office 365 or Google Workspace containing the user mailboxes or groups of user mailboxes you wish to protect with Avanan.
  6. Click OK.

Manual changes to license assignment

After configuring the licenses for a specific group or to the entire organization, you can choose to assign or remove licenses to specific user mailboxes, if required.

To make manual changes, navigate to Configuration > Licenses.

The Licenses Configuration screen shows the usage status of your licenses and the individual licensing status of user mailboxes.


The License Status column shows if a license covers the user mailbox. To add or remove the license to a user mailbox, click Assign/Un-Assign.

Note – You can select multiple user mailboxes and assign or un-assign a license. The license assignment might take up to four hours to become effective.