SAML Configuration for Duo

1. Go to Security Settings > Settings > Configure SAML and copy the URL for SAML from your Avanan portal:
2. On your DUO dashboard, click on Applications > Protect an Application.
3. Search for “SAML - Service Provider” and click on “Protect this Application”.
4. Select a name for the application, a unique Entity ID, and paste the URI copied on Step 1 on
the field “Assertion Consumer Service”:
5. Select transient for the Name ID format, and click on Save Configuration.
6. Click the “Download your configuration file” and save your configuration JSON file.
7. Follow this guide from the “Add Your Cloud Application to Duo Access Gateway” section, and
save the metadata mentioned on the “Configure Your Service Provider”:
8. Back on the Avanan portal, select “Upload a metadata file”. Click on Choose file and select
the XML file saved on step 7. Check the box “Are you using Azure AD?” and insert the EntityID
from step 4 and click Save.