SAML Configuration for JumpCloud

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Step-By-Step Guide:

  1. From the JumpCloud admin console, navigate to Applications and click the + button.

  2. Under Application Name, click configure next to the SAML 2.0 Application.

  3. Enter a display label, Idp Entity ID, and SP Entity ID in the relevant fields.
    Note - The SP Entity ID must correlate to the ACS (assertion consumer service) URL.

  4.  Copy the ACS URL from your Avanan portal.

    To do that, from the Avanan portal, go to Security Settings
    > Settings and click Configure SAML.

    In the Configure SAML page, copy the ACS URL (SAML SSO URL) and paste it into the JumpCloud field.

  5. In the JumpCloud console, select the Sign Assertion and Declare Redirect Endpoint check-box.

  6. Click active in the bottom right and then export the generated metadata file.

  7. Upload the exported metadata to your Avanan portal, and clear the Are you running Azure AD check-box.

  8. From the JumpCloud console, assign users to the newly created JumpCloud application.
    1. Navigate to groups and select a user group.
    2. From the edit group window, click Applications and select the newly created App.
    3. Click save group.

  9. Now, you can log in to the Avanan portal using SAML.