SaaS Security - Office 365 Email - Changes to Mail Flow - Outbound DLP


When deploying Outbound DLP for Office 365, Avanan will make the following changes to the Mail Flow in the Exchange Admin Center
  1. The existing Avanan Inbound connector From field value changes from Partner organization to Your organization's email server.
    • This allows the partner (in this case, Avanan) to relay the inline outgoing mail through Office 365.
  2. An additional mail flow rule called <portalName> - Protect Outgoing is added. This rule leverages the Avanan Outbound connector and adds the following header for mail in which the sender is located inside the organization and the recipient is located outside the organization.
    • For a customer with a portal, portalname and an MX relay host,, the header will be:


  • The changes will be applied only for users and groups that are protected by the customer’s Outbound DLP policy.
  • By default, the mail flow rule <portalName>- Protect Outgoing will be positioned at the top. The customer can change the position based on mail flow needs.