Email security supplements are dead in the water.

How do we know? A recent Avanan analysis found that 61.6% of our new customers replaced their existing email security solution (Microsoft ATP or SEG) with Avanan.

This means two things. First organizations clearly desire AI/API-enabled technologies over legacy security approaches. The second thing it means is that being AI/API enabled as a supplement only isn’t enough. Organizations want an AI/API-enabled solution with the flexibility to be a replacement, not just a supplement.

The unfortunate problem for the API-only supplements is that they are just that— only a supplement. They cannot replace. Avanan’s approach puts the decision in our customer’s hands: Supplement or Replace.

We took a look at the numbers and broke them down by the previous solution. For example, 30.9% of our new customers in Q2 switched from Mimecast.

Here's the overarching message: Organizations are leaving their existing security vendors in droves to switch to Avanan. It's no wonder we're one of the fastest-growing companies, regardless of industry. 

Why? Because it's no longer enough to be a supplement. Enterprises know that they need an all-in-one solution, one that's inline, connects via API, catches more bad emails, and can secure the entire suite.

For one, Avanan's catch rate is significantly better:

In addition to a better catch rate, organizations are switching to Avanan because it's a more modern solution. Avanan is cloud-native, connecting via API. Gateways were built for the on-prem era, and have made a clunky transition to modern, cloud email. 

Further, Avanan was the first vendor to implement true machine-learning specifically designed to block the phishing and malware attacks that Microsoft and Google miss. Avanan is the only solution that adds a layer to default security, and can significantly reduce phishing attempts reaching the inbox, by as much as 99.2%.

Avanan's AI has a much richer data set to baseline end-user's behaviors and learn the organization's social graphs by being embedded within the cloud suite. When using Avanan's advanced AI, more attacks get blocked, reducing risk and freeing up time and resources for the SOC to thwart other threats. As an embedded solution, Avanan can secure all email—inbound, outbound, and internal.

Additionally, it can secure the entire cloud suite, from collaboration to file-sharing. With no changes to MX records, it is invisible to hackers. 

Beyond that, Avanan's patent for API-based, inline security makes it the only API-based solution to block malicious content before it reaches the inbox. Other API solutions need an average of 82 seconds to remove malicious content. That leaves plenty of time for end-users to interact with malicious content. As an inline provider, Avanan eliminates that gap, and allows for features such as a thorough malware analysis in a sandbox, link replacement and blocking or encrypting outgoing emails that the DLP flags as sensitive. 

It's no longer enough to be a "Vitamin-D" supplement to email security. You need the cure—that's what Avanan provides. 

Need some more convincing? Check out our ATP Switchers guide or our SEG Switchers Guide for more information.

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