G Suite Security

G Suite Security

Anti-Phishing for G Suite

Avanan's multilayer anti-phishing solution connects behind Gmail's default security, allowing us to catch the sophisticated phishing attacks that Google lets through.

Malware Protection for G Suite

Avanan's Malware Protection and Antivirus tools scan both Gmail and Google Drive to detect and block malicious files no matter where they enter your G Suite environment.

Account Takeover Protection for G Suite

Avanan's event analysis algorithm identifies patterns that indicate a compromised G Suite account by analyzing our database of real-world incidents. Avanan then remediates the identified invasion in real-time to lock out the attacker prior to any negative impact.

DLP and Compliance for G Suite

Avanan's automated DLP policies which include encryption and sharing rules ensure you meet your data compliance regulations without negatively affecting the functionality of G Suite.


Avanan for G Suite


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