We have seen customers of Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) that wanted to leave them because of their poor security performance, but couldn’t because they relied on their archiving. We even have customers that purchased Avanan but still kept their SEG just for archiving.
Avanan now offers email archiving. Building an archiving solution designed in the cloud from the ground-up is really what makes our solution feature-rich and more reliable than anything the legacy providers developed on their own. This means that Avanan can store all processed emails–incoming, outgoing and internal–between 1 and 10 years.
Customers can search through them and export them on demand. This ensures business continuity, compliance and regulatory support, and allows businesses to easily find and save important information and data.

How it Works

Upon purchase of archiving, Avanan will store all processed emails for seven years. That includes incoming, outgoing and internal. Emails that are sent from and received by a protected user’s mailbox can be archived; additionally, imported emails can be archived. Searching is within the same portal UI. Archiving can be enabled for current customers by contacting support.

Importing Archives

No need for multiple solutions. Now, you can employ Avanan for email security and archiving. In a one time process, customers can important archives from other solutions and it will appear with all other archived emails.

All Processed Emails Will Be Stored in the Archive
  • Incoming, outgoing and internal emails for seven years
Regulatory Compliance/Records Management
  • Organizational data that must be saved for a period of time
  • Must be purged afterward unless clearly stated otherwise
Email Backup/Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
  • Recover emails that are deleted by end users/technical malfunction
Full Audit Trail
  • Admins can easily export zip files with filtered EML files
Litigations/Legal Discovery
  • Prepare for possible litigations and act fast on unexpected ones
  • Prove chain of custody and maintain authenticity of emails
Easy Search and Discover
  • Search by numerous fields
  • Sender name and address
  • Recipients
  • Subject
  • Time

The Best Time to Start Using Archiving is Today

Depending on legal or regulatory requirements, you may need to store all your emails. For instance, in some industries, you may be required to keep an email for at least seven years to comply with regulations. Or you may just want to be able to search an email from five years ago at a moment's notice.

That's where email archiving comes in. It allows you to store emails, securely, for searching at any time. Avanan’s archiving stores everything in a single pane of glass, utilizing best-in-class technology for security and resilience.

Ask Your Account Representative to Activate Archiving

Fill out this form and your account representative will contact you about adding the archiving service to your current account. There is no risk or commitment. (Don’t have Avanan? Start a Trial Today!)