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Advanced multilayer anti-phishing software. Built for the cloud and calibrated to your organization to block threats.
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The anti-phishing software designed specifically for cloud email.

Most phishing attacks that bypass the standard email security are zero-day threats coming from legitimate senders. In order to catch more of these advanced attacks, Avanan developed a unique machine learning algorithm that analyzes each aspect of an email, looking for over 300 indicators of phishing.

API-based integration allows Avanan to analyze all historical emails to determine prior trust relations between the sender and receiver, increasing the likelihood of identifying user impersonation or fraudulent messages.

“Once it was in place, it immediately began to catch the phishing messages that were making it past EOP.”

Benefits of Avanan Anti-Phishing

Easy Deployment

Avanan is the only cloud-based email security solution that deploys from within Gmail, Microsoft, or whichever SaaS you want to secure. Approve the app from your admin account and in minutes, Avanan finds phishing attacks — completely out of band, with no need for a proxy, appliance, or endpoint agent.

Complete Visibility

Not only can Avanan see every email, it monitors the entire suite—every user, configuration, permissions change, file update, and internal message—to identify malicious behavior and compromised accounts.

Higher Catch Rate

Because of its unique position within the cloud, Avanan consistently breaks news of innovative attacks designed to evade the security of industry leaders — like Advanced Threat Protection for Office 365.

Extends Beyond Email

Avanan anti-phishing software also protects your other cloud applications, like OneDrive, Slack, and Dropbox, so that you can collaborate with confidence.

Rich, Real Time Reporting

Detailed reporting enables security administrators to understand every part of a phishing attack, including:

  • Advanced forensics on network, process, registry events, and exploited macros.
  • Detailed summary reports from which security administrators can quarantine campaigns affecting multiple inboxes.
  • And more.
More Security-Savvy Users

Avanan presents end users with detailed alert messages, promoting a culture of security at every organization. Users can report threats, learn about potential attacks from automated alerts, and request emails to be restored from quarantine (pending admin approval).

Continuous Customer Support

Avanan customers enjoy one-on-one customer support to guarantee a seamless security experience.

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