Comprehensive Threat Prevention for Web Users

Easily secure web browsers on managed & unmanaged devices.

Browser security is available as part of Harmony Endpoint. It protects Web users from malware, credential loss, and data leakage.

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Browser Security

Comprehensive threat prevention for organizations and their web users deployed at scale on all major browsers


Harmony Browse - Threat Prevention

Threat Prevention

Last line of defense against web-borne attacks

Harmony fast secur web access

Rapid Deployment

Fast time to value without user disruption

Harmony Browse - Comprehensive

Comprehensive Security

Across managed and unmanaged devices


Web Security Benefits

Increase user productivity

Increase user productivity

Keep user productivity high by marking trustworthy web pages in the search engine to prevent human error and risky clicks

Enhance endpoint security

Enhance Endpoint Security

Protect organization devices & BYOD on the web, adding an extra layer of security against phishing and zero-day threats

Deploy in browser security

Deploy In-Browser Security

Secure users working on their web browsers with SaaS applications. The extension is lightweight and integrates easily with all major browsers and OS

secure credentials 50x50px

Secure Credentials

Prevent zero-day threats & phishing attempts on user credentials. Real-time analysis of threat indicators including domain reputation, links, IP, and similarity to legitimate web pages

restrict malicious website

Restrict Malicious Website

Reduce the attack surface by blocking sites categorized as malicious and enforce Internet access policies based on URL filtering

Block malicious files

Block Malicious Files

Prevent files from spreading malware to the organization​. Provides a sanitized version in 1.5 seconds for any file




Browser Security in Action

Watch the on-demand video to see how Harmony Endpoint with browser security provides industry-leading web security and a frictionless user experience.


Harmony Browse video

Read the Check Point Web Browser Security Brief



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