Email Security for the Modern Age

Avanan reinvented email security in 2015 and we continue to lead the space in innovation.

We started by being the first email security
company to connect via API

Doing so allows us to install like an app and begin learning the environment instantly. It means we don’t have to change MX records, keeping your security invisible to hackers.




By deploying via API, Avanan was able to integrate our patented solution

We protect inline. That means we scan email after default layers, but before the inbox. That positioning is crucial. It allows our AI and ML to be trained on the attacks that others miss. This true AI is the best defense against the most sophisticated and evasive threats.

It means we are the only API-based solution that can prevent malicious emails from reaching the inbox.

With our inline positioning, we can secure email flow in all directions

Unlike SEGs, which only protect incoming email, Avanan protects everything, securing email in all directions (internal, external, outgoing). This offers complete protection against all threats, including insider ones.

In addition, Avanan scans every file and attachment for malware and ransomware—all before it reaches the inbox. Avanan is the only solution to prevent malicious emails and files from reaching the inbox.

Because of our embedded place in the cloud suite, Avanan’s AI is able to continuously learn and improve from every end-user interaction and email

We’re constantly auto-correcting as we go to bust false positives. We built
a trusted reputation network to protect against Business Email Compromise (BEC) without increasing false positives; we also automatically learn and discover an organization’s supply chain to prevent malicious files and messages from compromised vendors from appearing in the inbox.

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Our anomaly engine detects abnormal behaviors or actions, including compromised accounts

The engine utilizes machine learning to build a profile based upon historical information like login locations, data-transfer behavior and email message partners.

When anomalies are detected, a security event is generated so admins can take quick action.

Avanan SmartDLP

We also created Avanan SmartDLP, which ensures control of all data in the cloud, meeting industry compliance regulations and keeps data out of unauthorized hands. Avanan also protects every place where business is done.

Security extends to all collaboration apps, including Teams, Slack, Dropbox, Box and more, protecting your organization from malicious files and messages.

Finally, we have robust Post-Delivery Protection to ensure complete defense- in-depth

Search and Destroy allows security teams to quickly determine where the smoking gun lies in a phishing event that may have resulted in a breach. Admins can get those emails out of the user’s inboxes with a single click. Email Recheck double-checks malicious emails to ensure accuracy.

Incident Response as a Service (IRaaS) offloads end-user request investigations to our team of trained experts.

All of this combines to create the most complete cloud email and collaboration security solution on the market delivering:



Reduction in Phishing



Reduction in End-User
Alerts to the SOC

Experience the Power and Simplicity of Avanan Cloud Security