Avanan Cloud Security
How it Works

The Avanan Cloud Security platform was developed to directly address the concerns associated with cloud adoption security. By employing a layered security approach, Avanan can catch security threats that a single security vendor would miss when used on its own.
Deployed in minutes, the Avanan Platform is completely out of band, with no need for a proxy or endpoint agent. 



API Based

Avanan connects to each SaaS using the cloud-native API, to protect data regardless of the accessing user or device. It enables us to integrate with any SaaS or IaaS and provide deep analysis and control, monitoring and protecting inbound, outbound, and internal communication.

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Cloud Native

We partnered with the leading security companies to cloudify their most advanced anti-phishing, malware protection, data leakage prevention, and anomaly monitoring tools and host them on the Avanan platform. This allows Avanan to deploy a full defense-in-depth security stack using cloud-enabled tools that are not available from the vendors themselves.

Centralized Policy Control

Avanan’s central policy platform integrates with your existing security incident event management tools, such as Syslog and Splunk, and aggregates their data to create and manage intelligent and dynamic policies for all your SaaS applications. This allows you to view all of your cloud security events in the same place as you manage your security.



Automated Workflows

The Avanan security platform automates your security management through dynamic workflows that process events and anomalies across all your SaaS applications and reacts to threats with the appropriate security tools for the job.

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