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File Sharing Security

Malware Protection for File Sharing

Through dynamic analysis in a scalable cloud-based, virtual environment, Avanan directly detects malicious behavior and quarantines files before the threat has a chance to spread. Avanan customers can choose from the leading malware detection tools on the market to identify unknown malware and zero-day APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) or use one of our pre-packaged security bundles.

DLP and Compliance for File Sharing

Avanan uses cloud-native controls to enforce granular share policy by regulating collaboration rights for individual files or folders based upon its contents and context. Files are deleted, quarantined or encrypted before they become available to the wrong users.

URL Filtering for File Sharing

Each file is scanned and analyzed by Avanan for malicious links which we then block across all of your file sharing apps. Every link in every file is measured on both a domain level as well as an individual page level, leveraging several major data sources for URL blacklists.

CASB/Shadow IT for File Sharing

Avanan monitors all the apps installed and permissions granted to your file sharing applications by end-users within the each cloud app store. Based on access rights and access logs, Avanan assigns a risk-level for each application and API connection and allows you to block them from accessing your credentials.


Avanan for DLP


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