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File sharing applications have brought ease to the transfer of data, but with that convenience comes a new array of vulnerabilities and threats. Automatic syncing of files allows a hands-off solution that ensures documents are shared with the right people at all times, but the result is data transfer with no human oversight. Sharing of complete folders, although convenient, is akin to punching holes in your firewall. Impersonation of internal users can be difficult to catch and is a popular way for hackers to share malware into your cloud.

Avanan's file sharing security tools make it possible to maintain industry standard data compliance across all your file sharing applications without compromising their benefits.

Malware Scanning

Scan incoming, outgoing, internal, and private files for malware.


DLP and File Encryption

Select any DLP solution from best-of-breed security vendors. Encrypt documents automatically based upon content or context.


Access Control

Build policy around who's accessing your files.




Seamless Security for Citrix ShareFile

This paper describes a single-platform solution that can be used to effortlessly maximize the security capabilities of ShareFile and any other SaaS applications that an organization might deploy. It details features companies should look for when seeking to enhance the security built into Citrix ShareFile.

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CISO file sharing Avanan cloud SaaS security

What Every CISO Should Know About SaaS File Sharing Security

As companies move to Office 365, Google Drive, Box, ShareFile, Egnyte, Dropbox or Amazon for filesharing, CISOs need to carefully consider the risks and vulnerabilities. 

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