Capabilities ATP SEGs API Solutions
Critical Capabilities
One click setup  
Layered security  
Invisible to hackers  
File sharing and chat protection  
One interface for threat management  
Advanced Threat Prevention
In-line scanning  
Intradomain/internal scanning  
Inbound scanning  
Outbound scanning  
Malware sandboxing  
Breach detection  
Domain spoofing protection  
Brand spoofing protection  
HTML sanitization  
ShadowIT visibility  
Post-delivery protection  
Historical scanning  
User education  
Phishing reporting add-on  
Customizable notifications for end-users  
Threat Remediation
Post-delivery forensics and email analysis  
Real-time report of affected inboxes  
One-click quarantine (Mail Explorer)  
Zero-day attack signature creation  
Full-Suite Protection
Data Leakage Protection (DLP)  
Secures OneDrive  
Secures SharePoint  
Secures Slack  
SIEM integration  
In-line deployment  
Maintains MX record  
Out-of-band/non-inline deployment  
Integrates with existing security  
Group-based policy  
Agentless deployment  
Enterprise scalability  
Anti-virus and malware protection  
URL protection  
URL rewriting  
Basic phishing protection  
Basic domain spoofing prevention  
Server-to-server TLS support  
DKIM/SPF/DMARC enforcement  
Email encryption  
Logging for compliance  
Malware static analysis  
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