Slack Security

Slack Security

URL Filtering for Slack

Avanan’s URL filtering actively follows redirected links to measure domain risk and perform individual page analysis, leveraging three major data sources for URL blacklists. Avanan scans messages and documents for malicious links and blocks them across Slack.

Malware Protection for Slack

Advanced predictive AI can detect and block Zero-Day malware within incoming, outgoing, and internal messages across all your messaging channels. Our algorithm constantly updates itself with newly discovered malware so we can block threats before other security providers are even aware of their existence.

Account Takeover Protection for Slack

Avanan’s account takeover prevention analyzes historical messages, permission events, configuration changes, and behavior anomalies to identify breached accounts. Once detected, Avanan remediates the takeover and revokes access from the intruder.

DLP and Compliance for Slack

Avanan’s DLP identifies files and text containing sensitive information and takes appropriate actions, depending on your policy configuration. With Avanan’s API integration and AI, you can efficiently mitigate risk to your confidential information with automated deletion, encryption, or quarantining.

CASB/Shadow IT for Slack

Avanan monitors all the apps installed and permissions granted by end-users within every cloud app store. Based on access rights and access logs, Avanan assigns a risk-level for each application and API connection and allows you to block them from accessing your credentials.

Security Incident Event Management for Slack

Avanan connects all Slack user events and alerts to your SIEM, even if it is on-prem. We do this without any firewall changes, so you can manage your messaging security with the same incident-response policies you already have in place.


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