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Incident Response-as-a-Service: Let Our Team Respond to Email Tickets

Highlights Avanan is introducing Incident Response-as-a-Service (IRaaS), using our team of highly-trained experts to review end-user requests to release emails from quarantine and take proper remediation a...

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API-Based Security: We Prevent. They Respond.

Highlights Avanan is the pioneer in API-based email security, having substantially more deployments than all other API-based vendors combined. The critical architect...

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SYLKin Attack: New Malicious .slk files are bypassing Microsoft 365 Security, Risking 200M+ Users

A new attack method bypasses both Microsoft 365 default security (EOP) and advanced security (ATP). At the time of writing, Microsoft 365 is still vulnerable and the...

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Symantec is Hacking Away at its Protection. You Are Already At Risk

Highlights: Broadcom’s purchase of Symantec will lead to cuts of $1 billion in spending on R&D and sales Their focus is now on the Global 2000 customer base while co...

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Are Your Users Dumpster Diving in the Junk Folder?

Highlights Microsoft’s Office 365 ATP policies flag an unusually high percentage of legitimate emails as phishing detections Organizations that set their ATP policie...

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Gartner Recommendations for Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Gartner's Latest BEC Report Suggests Business email compromise (BEC) is a simple, yet deadly attack that can have devastating financial effects on a company Traditio...

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Work in Canada? Secure Your Organization's Email with Avanan

We've launched our new datacenter in Canada to help our customers comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) which not onl...

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A Thank You for A Thank You Note

Praise is best shared publicly. Last week, I received this message from Michael Russell, the CIO of the state of Virginia Community Colleges system. I want to thank ...

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CoronaPhishing: Hackers are using COVID-19 to Attack Your Users

Starting Today: Stop shaking hands. Stop clicking on any email that mentions Coronavirus! Our security analysts have seen a significant rise in phishing emails that ...

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Why Email Security Isn't Working

Back when email was on-premises, your email server sat somewhere in a data center, protected by your security stack that was designed specifically for on-prem email....

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Cybercriminals Use Microsoft Sway to Phish Office 365 Security and Your Well-Trained Users

Have you heard of Microsoft Sway? If you haven’t, there’s a good chance your users don’t know about it either. That’s why this content creation service is used in ph...

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QReep: Sextortion campaign uses QR codes to link to bitcoin wallets instead of URLs

Avanan has uncovered a new sextortion attack that uses QR codes instead of URLs to avoid bitcoin wallet detection. To drive the attack, hackers claim they have foota...

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Update — HTML Attachment Attack on Office 365

This summer, we reported that hackers were bypassing Office 365 EOP and ATP with an ingeniously simple attack that uses HTML attachments in email to launch phishing ...

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5 Things Security Professionals Should Know About the DNC Email Breach

As we enter the 2020 election season, we are once again discussing the possibility of foreign intervention, which puts the 2016 hack of the Democratic National Commi...

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2019 Was the Year of Zero Trust

Before the cloud, data was secured at the perimeter of applications and networks. Everything inside the perimeter was trusted, and everything outside the perimeter w...

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