When it comes to innovation in email security, no one can come close to our track record.

It started back in 2015 when we first started securing email via API. This is the standard now, but was revolutionary at the time. 

We did it again when we earned a patent for securing email inline via API.

We've done it plenty of times since, whether it was the first provider to secure Teams; the first provider to protect against QR code phishing; our integration with ThreatCloud; our flexibility in deployment methods; and much more.

We continue to innovate. One of these innovations is our patented Unified Quarantine.

The Unified Quarantine allows us to integrate with the Microsoft Quarantine. This allows admins to:

  • See and restore all quarantined emails, whether quarantined by Microsoft or Avanan, all from one screen

That's right. One screen to rule them all. No more flipping back and forth between windows and tabs. Everything you need to do as an admin in email security can be done from--truly, this time--a single pane of glass.

The Unified Quarantine patent allows us to do a few other things, including:

  • Override Microsoft false positives
  • Configure whether end users can request a restore, restore on their own or are not able to restore

And much more to come. 

Innovation has been--and continues to be--a state of mind for us. 

We released over 75 new features in 2023, and continue apace. The unified Quarantine is just one in a series of many more innovations to come.