ThreatCloud, Check Point's threat intelligence repository, does 86 billion transactions a day.

We know that's a lot. But with big numbers like that, it can be hard to contextualize.


  • The moon is 238,588 miles away.
  • The sun? Just 93 million miles.
  • Uranus? A tidy 1.86 billion.

Let's take it a step further. 

Google does 6.9 billion searches a day.

To count to 86 billion, it would take 2,580 years. (That means, that if you started today, you'd finish counting in the year 4602. )

You get the point. Doing 86 billion transactions is simply out of this world.

By processing these transactions, ThreatCloud emulates 4 million files a day and stops 7,000 zero-day files.

It takes 150,000 connected networks, millions of endpoint devices and dozens of external feeds crawling the web, as well as exclusive intelligence discovered by Check Point Research. It aggregates and analyzes this big data telemetry to prevent attacks before they reach your organization. It blocks attacks faster than anyone else and has the best catch rate of both known and unknown threats. In fact, ThreatCloud caught TrickBot 12 days faster than anyone else, and ZLoader 15 days faster. 

By taking this unparalleled telemetry and powerful data and applying it to blocking email-borne attacks, it's no wonder that Avanan reduces the amount of phishing emails reaching the inbox by 99.2%.

Scale matters. With ThreatCloud, the scale is truly unmatched.