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How a Major Airline Better Secured Its Cloud

As a major airline, Fly High needed better efficiency with their email catch rate than what they were getting with Proofpoint. Additionally, they were looking for pr...

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How This Shipping Company Got the Email Problem Under Control

As a large cargo shipping company, Palm Cargo was being inundated with phishing attacks reaching its end-users. Their ATP protection was particularly struggling agai...

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Simplicity and Effectiveness for This School District

As a large school district, New City was on the receiving end of a massive amount of phishing attacks. They were concerned with rising ransomware attacks in the educ...

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A Great Solution at a Great Price for this Non-Profit

As a small non-profit, The NE Association was looking to up their security without breaking the bank. They had been using Sophos for a while but ended up ripping it ...

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This Fortune 500 Secured Their Email and Reduced SOC Burnout with Avanan

A Fortune 500 company had a problem. They were being inundated with phishing—their end-users were receiving more than 16,000 phishing emails per month. 

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Why Legendary Entertainment Secures their Email with Avanan

After first seeing issues with a legacy email provider, Legendary Entertainment and its CSO, Dan Meacham, thought a move to Microsoft ATP would be more in sync with ...

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A Great Gift: How This Company Found Better BEC Protection with Avanan

A wireless communication company had been using Barracuda as their Secure Email Gateway for years, but they were having issues. Bad emails, particularly Business Ema...

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Keeping it Simple: How a Switch to Avanan Made Life Easier

A property management firm had been using Mimecast for years. In addition to high costs, the small IT department felt that managing their email was taking too much t...

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Smiling Bright: How Avanan Put This Insurance Company at Ease

As a small dental insurance company, Clean Teeth was looking for a full-fledged security solution. In addition to concerns about malware and phishing in their Office...

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From ATP Frustration to Avanan Elation: How This Entertainment Company Found its Email Solution

A large entertainment company in California needed to solve the email problem once and for all.

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No Longer Frustrated: The Long Overdue Change from Mimecast to Avanan

Highlights: After years of being frustrated with Mimecast, on everything from customer service to its inability to stop simple-seeming attacks, this benefits adminis...

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Calming the Seas: How a Biotech Research Firm Took Back Control With Avanan

Highlights: After being whalephished and inundated with attacks while using Proofpoint, this biotech firm switched to Avanan, and the attacks stopped Avanan gave a n...

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Protecting Bethel School District from Phishing and Malware with Avanan

Within the span of a few months during summer 2017, two major phishing attacks on Washington state school districts resulted in the theft of $50,000 worth of compute...

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ServiceSource Secures the Cloud with Avanan

Background "If you don’t use Avanan, you’re not doing what you should be doing as a CISO.”

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Capital Caring: Avanan Cloud Security for Healthcare

Since 1977, Capital Caring has improved care for those facing life-limiting illness through public education, advocacy, and direct support of patients and their fami...

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Alternative Experts Secures Office 365 with Avanan

Protection Against Insider Threats Jeff Madsen, CTO of ALEX (Alternative Experts, LLC) faced a November 30, 2016, deadline to comply with Executive Order 13587 from ...

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Accounting Firm Secures Office 365 with Avanan

Background Like so many accounting firms, this top 400 accounting firm has moved much of its IT to the cloud—specifically, to Office 365’s core applications and emai...

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