It is widely acknowledged in the market that organizations require an extra layer of email security to complement Microsoft's existing protection.

But two security layers shouldn't lead to double the end-user work.

Administrators often find themselves pressed for time and unable to juggle multiple screens seamlessly. This not only hampers their focus but also raises the risk of crucial tasks slipping through the cracks. Thankfully, a streamlined solution has emerged to address this challenge.

Introducing Avanan's groundbreaking Unified Quarantine, an innovative solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft through our API. This cutting-edge feature eliminates any inconvenience and streamlines daily tasks, making it unnecessary to navigate multiple screens or rely solely on Microsoft for all your needs. With our patent-pending technology, Avanan revolutionizes the industry by providing a unique and efficient way to enhance email security.

Everything can now be done from single screen--the Check Point screen

  • The Quarantined Items view now allows admins to see and restore all quarantined emails, whether they were quarantined by Microsoft or Avanan.
  • The end-user quarantine report (digest) includes emails quarantined by Avanan and by Microsoft:
    • Administrators can configure – for each Microsoft detection - whether end users can request a restore, restore on their own, or are not able to restore the emails at all
    • All restore requests submitted by end users will be available for the administrators in the Restore Requests dashboard


Beyond that, emails quarantined by Microsoft are also scanned by Check Point--so admins can comfortably take restore/don't restore decisions.


Further, the Microsoft detection scores and reasons are available for every email--regardless of Check Point's findings:


This allows admins to handle quarantine restore requests or emails reported as a phishing from a single dashboard. 

Final Thoughts


Implementing a defense-in-depth strategy is crucial for safeguarding enterprises against the ever-evolving and elusive threats prevailing in today's digital landscape. The most effective approach to achieve this is by seamlessly combining the robust capabilities of Microsoft 365 and Check Point's Harmony Email & Collaboration, all while minimizing the workload for administrators.