Avanan is an API-based security vendor. However, we're different from the other API's on the market. The difference boils down to this: We prevent. They respond.

What does that mean? For Avanan, it means preventing malicious emails from ever reaching the inbox. For the others, it means retracting a malicious email after it reaches the inbox.

That difference is critical. Research has shown that it takes, on average, 82 seconds for a user to click on a phishing attack. 

Remember, other API's retract the email after it reaches the inbox. But how long does that process take? On their various sites, you'll see various promises. 

According to new research from Avanan, on average, it takes these solutions three minutes and three seconds to remediate and remove a malicious email from the inbox.  Depending on the environment, that number can skyrocket even higher. 

Users are clicking on malicious emails in a minute and 22 seconds. Yet those malicious emails are in the inbox for nearly two minutes more than that. Of course, people are going to click on it if it's there.

That's why Avanan's method of preventing malicious emails from ever reaching the inbox is so crucial. You won't have to worry about a user clicking on a malicious email in the inbox—because it will never reach the inbox in the first place. 

Don't leave things up to chance. Invest in a solution that stops malicious attacks in their tracks.

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