One of the cyber threats that hasn't gotten a lot of attention of late is that of insider threats.

Insider threats, broadly, come from those who have gained permission, either legitimately or illegitimately, into email, networks and communication hubs.

Whether done on accident on with malicious intent, insider threats make up 60% of data breaches. 

What are you doing to defend against internal threats?

If you're using an SEG like Proofpoint or Mimecast, the answer is not much. 

By their very architecture, SEGs are blind to internal messages between cloud users


They've created a wonky alternative, one that analyzes threats at a delay, an unworkable solution.



Avanan, however, installs as an app in Office 365 to scan all email — including internal and outbound. In addition, Avanan has a specialized AI model for scanning internal traffic, with indicators relevant for an internally-originated attack. As hackers infiltrate internal accounts to send malicious content to partners, customers, and other employees Avanan identifies those emails as phishing and blocks them.  By scanning and quarantining internal emails and files in real-time, Avanan is best positioned to prevent east-west attacks and internal threats.

The threat may very well be coming from inside the house. With Avanan, that threat can be removed.

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