When we had our webinar on the 6 Key Mistakes Leading to SOC Burnout, we asked viewers a question:

Is your SOC's workload higher in 2020 and 2021 than it was in 2019?

The answer was as we suspected. 62.5% of respondents said it was higher.

We've talked ad nauseam about the issues affecting the SOC. As phishing gets worse and worse, and as more and more end-users report suspicious emails, it's the SOC that gets the brunt of it. It's no wonder, then, that, according to one study, 60% of SOC members are considering changing jobs or even careers because of burnout.

What to do? Here's our recommendations:

  • Implement advanced email protection
  • Improve SOC response capabilities
  • Employ better training

It's not a silver bullet. But when all three of these are implemented, Avanan customers see a 99.2% reduction in phishing attacks reaching the end-user, and a 71.2% reduction in phishing-related alerts to the SOC.

The phishing problem can be solved. And your SOC doesn't have to burn out.

Learn the Six Mistakes Leading to SOC Burnout