There are countless email security solutions that companies can choose from. First are the legacy players that rely on yesterday's gateway approach.  And now there are the next gen players that have a similar story around AI and APIs but don't truly protect the inbox.  All claim to keep your company safe.

How do you cut through the noise to know which solutions actually protect your organization? What does it take to be the best email security solution on the planet?

Since 2015 Avanan, and now Check Point Harmony Email & Collaboration, continue to evolve the best email security solution in the market.  One that keeps your users safe, without having to resort to trickery or fluff. Simply put, no other email security solution can match what we do. 

As a combined organization, Check Point and Avanan are wholly aligned on the principle of prevention. In cybersecurity, it’s essential. We believe that once an attack is in your system, it’s already too late. That’s why we prevent malicious emails from reaching the inbox

We believe that with Avanan and Check Point, 1+1=5 and here are 11 reasons why:

1. Built for Cloud-Email - AI/ML and API Enabled

Legacy email gateways were designed for on-prem email servers.  Things have changed.  Email has changed and the threat has changed.  Email has moved to the cloud and hackers are building ever advanced threats designed specifically to bypass cloud email defenses.  Simply taking a legacy email gateway and placing it in front of cloud-email is not the best way to secure email.  Stopping today's email threats requires APIs and AI/ML.  The APIs allow security solutions to better leverage the cloud email environment.  And AI/ML is an absolute requirement as the next generation threat has neutralized the legacy signature-based solutions.  

2. Prevention 1st 

Avanan is the only API-based email security solution that actually blocks malicious emails from reaching the end user inboxes due to our patented solution.  While there are a number of other API-based solutions on the market, none of them actually prevent inbox incursions.  In other words, they don't blocks malicious emails from reaching the inbox.  What's the point if end users can still have access to malicious emails?  Without prevention you have nothing but a form of remediation.  Avanan is the only API based solution that can act as a standalone email security solution, or complement existing ones.  

3. The Best AI is Built on the Best Threat Intelligence Dataset - ThreatCloud

Artificial intelligence can be a buzzword in this industry. Companies can’t always deliver on what they promise their AI does. Why? Because AI is only as good as its dataset. For many companies, the dataset is simply too small to be properly trained, refined and improved.  Startups and stand-alone email security vendors just don't have enough customers to generate the best possible dataset.  Avanan's AI is powered by Check Point’s 


ThreatCloud.  Twenty years in the making, ThreatCloud is the world's largest threat intelligence database. There are 42 separate machine learning and AI engines that run in concert to detect the most advanced pieces of malware.  What does that lead to? By doing seven billion transactions a day, ThreatCloud finds over 6,000 previously unknown malware and zero-day malware daily.  Not all of the email security vendors combine can match the magnitude of ThreatCloud.

4. Complete Security for the Complete Cloud Suite

If phishing was your only security concern, you wouldn't need but a single anti-phishing solution.  Unfortunately this isn't the world we live in and because of this, Avanan layers in multiple types of security technologies to cover your additional concerns.  Ransomware attacks are on the rise with most being delivered via email.  Isn't the best email security one that includes advanced sandboxing capabilities to detect true-zero day ransomware attacks? 

Further, our security stack includes Data Loss Protection (DLP) scanning to ensure that emails do not violate data protection policies.  Combined with encryption, our customers have the choice to encrypt such sensitive information before being transmitted.   

Beyond email, collaboration extends to the entire suite.  As such, we provide full stack security for the full suite to include Microsoft Teams, Slack, OneDrive and Box.  Why secure only email when the threat can come in through Teams?  Extending our security stack to the full suite is something we do today.

5. Global Presence

We are active in 88 countries. There are 6,000 employees across the globe, all representing the top talent in their field, including the highest number of developers in the industry.

More than that, we have more experience than anyone with large scale, enterprise deployments. The biggest companies in the world trust us with their security. We’re talking 1 in 4 Global Fortune 500 companies; 1 in 3 major banks. Companies with the most complex security needs, across the globe, turn to us. We know how to work in that environment and excel at doing so.

With a global presence unmatched by any other company, Avanan is the only email security solution with a TRUE global presence.

6. Global Sales and Channel Presence

With over 2,000 sales and engineering professionals worldwide and 6,000 partners across the globe, wherever you do business, we are there.  Our goal is to build a partnership and not just sell you an email security solution.  To be a true partner, our email security experts and partners must operate in your region and time zone, and be available for face-to-face meetings to understand your true requirements and not just pitch you a demo over a Zoom meeting.  

7. 24/7 Worldwide Support 

Believe it or not, not every solution provides 24/7 support.  We've been doing this since day one.  With support locations around the world, as well as 800 professionals there for every need, no email security company can match this dedicated network of customer support. Whenever there is an issue, or wherever you have a question, no matter when it is, someone will be able to help. 

8. Top Data Scientists

We have one of the largest benches of data scientists specializing in cybersecurity in the world.  Combined we have over 300 data scientists with experience at the most elite military units (Unit 8200) in the world.  Our roots are in military service, intelligence, and cybersecurity -- not social media.  To us, it is imperative to have intimate knowledge of the problem domain for which you are trying to solve.   

9. Industry Leading Threat Research Team

Check Point Research is the leading cyber threat intelligence group in the industry. The research team, made up of more than 200 full-time threat researchers, collects and analyzes global cyber attack data stored on ThreatCloud, and ensures that all Check Point products are updated with the latest protections. In 2021, they published 26 unique threat research reports, finding privacy flaws in TikTok, a surge in botnets in Iran, and banking trojans affecting Android users. With over 100 analysts and researchers, many of whom were trained in elite military intelligence, working around the clock to uncover, understand and block the latest, most sophisticated attacks, no threat is safe. The team has developed machine learning modules, anomaly detection and reverse engineering techniques. The Threat Research team has made major discoveries and works around the clock, cooperating with other security vendors, law enforcement and various CERTs. By leveraging expert analysts and ThreatCloud’s unparalleled data, this is the best threat hunting team in the market.

10. Incident Response as a Service

Having someone to call 24x7 in the event of an incident is important.  Our email security customers have two Incident Response Services they can leverage.  

End User Suspicious Email Report Reviews - If you encourage your end users to report suspicious phishing emails, you are not alone.  And if you are like most, you don't have enough time or people to review all of the alerts.  We found that 23% of the SOC's team time is dedicated to this task.  Avanan IRaaS will offload this task and review all your end user requests within an SLA of 30 minutes for each request.

Additionally, Check Point’s Incident Response Services has a 24x7x365 security incident handling service with a dedicated hotline. Immediately, experts are there to help contain the threat, minimize its impact and keep your business up and running. Check Point is the only company to offer insight and remediation for several different types of threats, from malware to firewalls to data loss and botnets. 


11. The Right People, The Right Company

Check Point has been in business since 1993, first making waves with FireWall-1, the industry’s first stateful inspection firewall technology. Since then, Check Point continued to innovate, focusing on preventative solutions. Check Point brings its cutting-edge cybersecurity tech to over 100,000 organizations and millions of users around the globe. Check Point is the only company that can secure everything–not just some things, like other companies. Built with 3,500 security experts, focusing on the fifth-generation of cybersecurity, we’re actively working to keep your organization safe from the most sophisticated attacks. Leveraging this expertise and track record of success, Check Point’s market cap is just under $19 billion. This is based on a real track record and legitimate auditing from years as public company–it is not a valuation that only looks good on paper. 


All of the above are necessary parts of any cybersecurity solution, yet only Avanan and Check Point can provide it. As a true cybersecurity solution, with a valuation of nearly $19  billion and a track record of nearly thirty years, no other email security solution comes close.

When you’re looking for an email security solution to keep your company safe, you want and deserve the best. Only one company can deliver on that promise. 


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