One of our customers was looking to purchase cybersecurity insurance and was asked a few questions:

Do you pre-screen emails for potentially malicious attachments and links? Yes or No. 

Do you have the capability to automatically detonate and evaluate attachments in a sandbox to determine if they are malicious prior to the delivery to the end-user? Yes or No. 

Cybersecurity insurance requirements vary by provider. And not having certain systems in place doesn't necessarily mean you won't get coverage--it will just raise the premium significantly.

But cyber insurance is generally becoming more difficult to purchase--as the going rate for attacks goes up, insurers will want to take extra steps to protect themselves. That's especially true when ransomware payouts in 2021 alone were more than the previous 10 combined.

So insurers want to ensure that they are insuring those with the least amount of risk. Think of it like homeowners insurance. You have homeowners insurance, and yet they will still ask that you buy an alarm system or sprinklers. If you don't, the premiums go up.

Avanan pre-screens all emails for malicious attachments and links--and is the only API-based solution that can do this.

Avanan automatically detonates and evaluates attachments in a sandbox to determine if they are malicious prior to the delivery to the end-user.

Cyber insurance is increasingly becoming a requirement in many industries; even if it isn't, it can be a good idea for businesses looking to limit their potential liability.

Without some of the requirements mentioned above, you are going to see skyrocketing premiums--if you are approved for coverage at all.

Think of it this way: when you try to purchase homeowners insurance, would you tell the insurer that you don't lock your door?

When you purchase cyber security insurance, having email security that prevents malicious attachments, links and emails from entering the inbox is a pretty good idea.

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