Michael Landewe

Michael Landewe


Re:Ploy Email Chain Hijack Attack

Let’s say your organization has the best security. Your employees are trained to never fall victim to phishing. You have SSO and it’s very hard to take over your acc...

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WEBINAR: 3 Security Flaws in Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) That Microsoft Isn’t Fixing

ATP is an improvement over Microsoft default security, yet users and industry analysts affirm that it is not enough to stop evolving threats originating in email. Or...

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Lessons from Black Hat: End-to-End Security Culture

This month marked the 23rd Black Hat conference. If you’ve never made the trip to Las Vegas, the event typically focuses on the technical aspects of the latest threa...

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WEBINAR: Make EDUs a No Phishing Zone with Avanan

Educational Institutions are under attack. Phishing attacks target students, staff, and alumni, who are caught off-guard and tricked into giving up login credentials...

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WEBINAR: Why Avanan Catches What Others Miss

Why does conventional email security fail to catch some sophisticated impersonation, spear phishing, credential harvesting, and malware? Avanan consistently catches ...

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WEB BRIEFING: 2019 Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

The Security & Risk Management Summit has a lot to digest. Across about 250 sessions from 210 speakers, 81 of them are Gartner Analysts. In this 25th Security Summit...

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WEB BRIEFING: 2019 Global Phish Report

Avanan security scientists analyzed 55.5 million emails to surface key insights on how hackers target Office 365 and Gmail in the 2019 Global Phish Report. In this w...

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WEBINAR: Office 365 vs G Suite - Which Is More Secure?

In this webinar, we answer question of which is more secure: Office 365 or G Suite. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of how the subtle differences in O365 and...

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WEBINAR: Preventing Data Leakage in a Cloud Environment

In this webinar Avanan and GTB Technologies team up to show that with the right technology, cloud sharing doesn’t have to go hand in hand with cloud leakage.

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WEBINAR: Why MTAs Are Yesterday's Technology

In this webinar, we take a critical look at MTA/SEG vendors like Proofpoint and Mimecast, and compare them to Avanan for securing Office 365.

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WEBINAR: How ATP Compares to Avanan

In this 40-minute webinar, we compare Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) to Avanan for securing Office 365. As we go through each of part of the ATP Security & Complia...

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WEBINAR: Securing Slack

Slack has been rapidly growing as the communication and collaboration tool of choice for organizations on the cloud. Unlike email, however, Slack threats and vulnera...

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[Podcast] An In-Depth Discussion on IaaS & SaaS: How to Protect Them

In this podcast, hosted by BioMetricNews.net, we discuss the theme of using the cloud to fortify the lines of defenses at your business or corporation.

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WEBINAR: HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud

This webinar identifies challenges of enforcing HIPAA compliance in the cloud. Healthcare IT experts Vince Campitelli and Jeffrey Gardner talk with Avanan cofounder,...

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WEBINAR: Securing Office 365 from the Inside

Learn how to implement security that goes beyond the perimeter of your Office 365 environment to offer complete SaaS security. In this webinar, we'll also discuss ho...

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WEBINAR: What to look for in a CASB

During this session, we demonstrate how Avanan's next-generation Cloud Access Security Broker redefines the term CASB.

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Phishing Training for Employees: Why Employee Training Can't Solve The Phishing Problem

Microsoft’s 2018 23rd Edition Security Intelligence Report is out, and it confirms the conclusion that most in the security industry already know: we can no longer r...

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Is Office 365 more secure without Proofpoint?

This week we saw a phishing attack at one of our customers that is using Proofpoint before their Office 365 email—a pretty basic phishing attack that bypassed both P...

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Capital Caring: Avanan Cloud Security for Healthcare

Since 1977, Capital Caring has improved care for those facing life-limiting illness through public education, advocacy, and direct support of patients and their fami...

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Cloud Access Trojan Featured

Cloud Access Trojan: The Invisible Back Door to Your Enterprise Cloud

“Your desktop gets scanned for trojan back doors. But what about the backdoors in your cloud?”

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