Choosing an email security provider is a very important choice. Email is the number one vector leading to breaches. Securing it properly is of the utmost importance.

You may already have an email security company protecting your enterprise. Maybe you're looking for a change—maybe you're not. Regardless, we get tons of questions from potential customers about our solution—valuable questions that should be asked! This is an important decision and having all the info is critical.

In this blog, we'll go over some of the questions and provide some answers. 

I already have a Secure Email Gateway. Aren't you the same?

We are not! Avanan has a patented API approach. A Secure Email Gateway works as a sort of firewall for email. Avanan is inline, meaning it scans emails after default security but before the inbox. By doing this, Avanan stops the threats that others miss. In fact, our architecture stops as many as 18x more attacks as SEGs. We've also detailed a few questions you should ask your SEG about. You'll be surprised—and disappointed—by the answers. 

SEGs are tried and true. I prefer that architecture over an API.

SEGs have indeed been around longer. But their architecture was designed when email was on-prem. Now, most email is in the cloud. SEGs have transitioned awkwardly from on-prem to the cloud. In fact, major industry analysts have said that SEGs are going the way of the dinosaurs. An API architecture is a cloud-native solution that offers all the benefits of an SEG, with new, API benefits, such as internal email scanning and full suite protection.

I already like my email security solution. Why would I replace it?

With Avanan, you don't have to replace your current solution. Avanan is the only solution on the market that works as a full replacement or a supplement. It's your call. If you have an SEG or Microsoft, for example, Avanan will scan email after they do but before the inbox. That ensures that you're protected from the emails your current solution missed.

I already have a spam filter in place.

Great! Avanan, however, is not a just spam filter. Though it will filter spam, Avanan also stops the most malicious attacks out there, like ransomware.

If I switch to Avanan, I'll have to change so many workflows and then train my end users on it. I don't have time for that.

Avanan has a number of different configurations that allow you to minimize the number of changes to your end-users. We leverage native tools within O365 and G suite to minimize these changes. Additionally, for C-Suite or other employees that don't want to be interfered with, we can simply eliminate notifications to those users.

I just upgraded to ATP (Defender). Why would I switch?

Avanan's patented approach sits behind O365 and is able to stop the threats that Microsoft misses. In fact, in an analysis of over 360 million emails, ATP let in 90.2 malicious emails per every 100,000. Avanan only allowed in 5.1.

My email security is fine. Why would I change?

In today's threat landscape, fine isn't good enough. With Avanan, you can start to see the value in just five minutes. Some of the value you'll see:

Avanan has a unique, AI and ML-based approach, leveraging our 5,000+ global network of customers for unparalleled data.

Ok, I'm intrigued. How do I learn even more?

Simple. Sign up for a demo and you'll see the effectiveness of our solution in your environment.

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