In 2021, Avanan firmly established itself as the leader and innovator in the email security market. More than that, Avanan has created an entirely new market, whereby API-based security is becoming the industry standard.  Avanan further separated itself from the rest of the email security market. Between external validation, rapid customer growth, and the acquisition by Check Point, 2021 was the year that Avanan stamped itself as the leader in the email security market.

The Aite Report

  • In May, an independent report by Aite rated Avanan as the “best-in-class vendor” ahead of legacy solutions like Proofpoint, Mimecast, and Cisco, and 30 other email security solutions. 
  • The analysts praised, “Avanan’s accuracy of detection and low false positives over other email security products evaluated.” Further, they noted how “Avanan has differentiated their offerings in the email security market by expanding protection to other cloud-based applications and adding 24/7 Incident Response as a Service to organizations.” 

The Omdia Report

  • In September, a report from Omdia named Avanan a leader in the email security market. Avanan was the only non-SEG to be considered.
  • Omdia called Avanan a “special case a hybrid email security platform…[that] enables Avanan to claim the status of a full-fledged email security platform (i.e., one that can replace an SEG and a non-SEG as the sole provider of inbox security for Office 365 or Gmail).”
  •  Avanan was praised for its ability to provide “unified” protection for all your email and collaboration apps. This report staked Avanan’s claim as an innovator, a product that can to “take advantage” of nearly $500 million of growth potential in the market between now and 2024. 


The 4,000 Customer Milestone

  • In June, we announced that we crossed the 4,000 customer mark. (That number, as of this writing, is now over 6,500). The email security market is voting with their feet and wallet–and consistently choosing Avanan. 
  • We’ve found that 61.6% of our new customers replaced their existing email security solution (Microsoft ATP or SEG) with Avanan. 


The Deloitte 500

  • For the second year in a row, Avanan was named to the Deloitte Fast 500, ranking as one of the fastest-growing tech companies. 
  • Avanan was again the fastest-growing email security company on the list, achieving a three-year growth rate of 1,094%. 


The Forrester Report

  • More and more, organizations using legacy SEGs choose to switch to Avanan.
  • This trend was highlighted in a report from Forrester which sounded the alarm for the future of SEGs. 
  • In 2015, Avanan first broke the mold by delivering email security via API. We did it again by delivering this capability inline, as a replacement for legacy gateways.
  • Forrester agreed, noting in a report that “SEGs are slowly becoming dinosaurs.” The report pointed out that the “most differentiated email content security solutions today expand their protection to go beyond the inbox and also protect the communications within these messaging applications.” 
  • Avanan fits that mold, providing API-delivered security and robust protection for applications like Slack and Teams.


The Gartner Report

  • A new market guide from Gartner praised API vendors like Avanan. 
  • Gartner predicted that, by 2025, 20% of anti-phishing solutions will be delivered via API, up from 5% currently.
  • In addition, Gartner highlighted how APIs provide ease of “evaluating and deploying” as well as improved “detection accuracy.” 
  • In the API market, no one has more detection accuracy than Avanan because Avanan is the only API vendor that prevents malicious emails from the inbox. 


The Check Point Acquisition

  • Finally, Avanan’s astounding 2021 was topped off by being acquired by Check Point
  • As Check Point noted, “The integration of Avanan technology into the Check Point Infinity architecture is set to deliver the highest level of security to remote workforces worldwide, providing the only unified solution that will protect from malicious files, URLs and phishing across email, collaborations apps, web, network, and endpoint.”
  • Avanan will benefit from Check Point’s reach, including adding 40% more engineerings, tripling support and customer success teams, and leveraging ThreatCloud, Check Point’s vast repository of reputation and cross-correlated signals from one of the largest deployments of security tools. 
  • By leveraging this unprecedented data set, Avanan is able to train its AI on the most robust and complete data in the market, providing superior phishing and malware detection that constantly gets better. 


The Future

In 2021, Avanan established itself as the clear leader in the email security market, driving innovation and displacing legacy solutions. In 2022, we expect even bigger things. More customers. More malicious emails stopped. More breakthrough technological advances. For Avanan, 2021 was a great year. For 2022? Nothing can stop us.