If you use Microsoft 365 or G-Suite and are considering a Secure Email Gateway , these are the 5 questions you must ask every vendor. You won't find the answers in their marketing material and their sales representatives will try to avoid them, but they are vital to the security of your cloud-based email. 

Are you using a gateway and concerned about the insider threat, Business Email Compromise or Email Account Compromise? Ask you vendor these questions before they sell you additional products that won't solve the problem.

1. Why do you disable Microsoft and Google's email security?

Their answer: You don't need it! Trust us!

Avanan answer: We don't disable security. We believe in Defense-in-Depth. 

2. Why does my configuration allow attackers to bypass your gateway?

Their answer: Oops. Sorry we didn't tell you about that. 

Avanan answer: It's only a problem for external gateways. We deploy inside. 

3. Can you block insider email attacks before they reach the inbox?

Their answer: No. We can't see them. But if you buy this expensive appliance we will get to them a few minutes after they reach the inbox. 

Avanan answer: Yes. We protect inbound, outbound and internal email. 

4. How would you quarantine a compromised account?

Their answer: We can't. But if you purchase yet another product, we can tell you about a compromised account if we see one. 

Avanan answer: We detect and take action automatically.

5. How are you preventing BEC impersonation email attacks?

Their Answer: We can't.

Avanan answer: The only way possible—with internal contextual information. 

Your security provider should be able to answer all these questions with actual, detailed responses. If they can't, it's time to reconsider.

Download our white paper to learn more about these five questions—and why your SEG's architecture makes it impossible to answer them. 

Download: 5 Questions Your SEG Hopes You Never Ask