Secure Email Gateways were built for on-premises use and in that capacity they worked well.

But ask yourself: when was the last time your email was on-premises? It's been awhile. It's why one survey found that 93% of companies use some form of cloud email

If you use cloud-based email, you need a cloud-native email security solution. SEGs aren't made for the cloud, which is why they can't see insider threats, struggle against BECs, make default O365 and G-Suite security worse and miss phishing attacks

Companies are seeing the negative effects of this and are looking for something better. When they do a trial and POC with Avanan, they see the difference.

We've rounded up a number of our customers who were originally SEG clients and detailed why they switched to Avanan. 

Not only is there power in numbers—we think their comments will resonate with you, too.

These Companies Are Fed Up with Their SEGs. Aren't You?

We combed through our client base and asked those who switched from traditional SEGs a simple question. Why? The answers are very revealing. 

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5 Questions Your SEG Doesn't Want You to Ask

Email gateways including Proofpoint, Mimecast and Barracuda were designed to protect on-premises email servers, but when you moved your email to the cloud, it revealed five vulnerabilities that continue to expose your users to attack. Learn the definitive answers to these question—and why Avanan's answers are more effective.

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Why This Benefits Administration Company Finally Gave up on Mimecast

This company has been using Mimecast to protect their email—and their frustration was boiling over. The trial with Avanan showed the simplicity and power of the product. The switch was easy.

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Why This Biotech Research Firm Replaced Proofpoint to Protect Microsoft Office 365

A successful whalephishing attempt against the CEO meant that this research firm needed a different solution than Proofpoint. On the first day of the trial with Avanan, another whalephishing attack was stopped, as was malware campaigns against their Sharepoint and OneDrive accounts.

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