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Jonathan Gold-Shalev

Mail Explorer - Bulk Actions Visibility Change

The way administrators perform actions on multiple emails through Mail Explorer has changed a bit.

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MSP Portal - Package Names Update

When applying a license to an end-customer tenant, MSPs will now see new and updated package names.

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Daily Quarantine Report - Friendly From Name Customization

The Friendly-From Name - the name displayed next to the From address) of the daily quarantine report sent to end users - can now be customized.

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Email Profile Page now Includes the Message ID

The Email Profile page now includes the Message ID of the email, allowing faster follow-up incident research 

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Enhanced Phishing Detection with Post-Onboarding Learning Mode

Introducing post-onboarding Learning Mode - a set of automated processes run right after onboarding to provide enhanced phishing detections from day one

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DLP Matching Based on a Regular Expression in the Email Subject

A DLP policy rule can now be matched if a string in the email subject matches a custom regular expression

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DLP Analysis for Incoming Emails

Administrators can now configure inline DLP policy for incoming Microsoft 365 emails containing sensitive data. 

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Phishing Emails Analysis - Sender Correspondence History

The details page of a detected phishing email now includes an instant view of the suspicious sender's correspondence history with the protected domains

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Anti-Malware Engine - Modified Visibility

The malware detection engines are now unified to a single Anti-Malware engine, along with enhanced visibility to the allow-listed files

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Daily Quarantine Report - Customized From Address

The daily quarantine report sent to end-users can now be configured to be sent from a customized email address.

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