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Jonathan Gold-Shalev

MSP Portal - Enhanced Look and Feel

The Avanan MSP Portal now has a new look and feel, along with some performance improvements 

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Audit Logs for Mail Explorer Searches

Every search in Mail Explorer is now included in the Audit Logs

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Anti-Malware Allow-List based on Macros

Administrators can now allow-list files from Anti-Malware based on macros they contain. 

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Password-Protected Attachments - Default Verdict Configuration

Administrators can now configure the default Anti-Malware verdict for password-protected attachments

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DLP Allow-List Based on File MD5 and Strings

Files and specific strings can now be allow-listed, so that they are not flagged as DLP violations. 

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Daily Quarantine Report - Subject and Body Texts Customization

The texts in the body and subject of the daily end user quarantine report (digest) can now be customized. 

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Daily Quarantine Report - Reply-to Address Customization

The Reply-to address of the daily quarantine report sent to end users can now be customized.

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Security Checkup Report - the New Periodic Threats Summary Report

Introducing the new Security Checkup report, a periodic summary report of all email and collaboration applications threats and how Avanan handled them.

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Anti-Phishing Allow-List and Block-List based on Email Headers

Smart-Phish now supports Allow-Listing and Block-Listing emails based on their headers 

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Mail Explorer - Export Records to CSV

Administrators can now export records from Mail Explorer to CSV format

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