Administrators can allow end-users to trust senders so that emails classified as Spam from those senders are delivered to their mailbox

Spam emails are considered by many organizations as a soft threat – emails that are mostly notorious for wasting employees’ time and harming their productivity.

However, in some cases an email can be considered as Spam for one employee, but as valuable and important to another.
These cases could cause frustration for employees and redundant overhead for help desk, creating many global exceptions.

Avanan now allows end users to trust senders and domains, so that emails from them to the trusting users will reach their inbox even if classified as Spam.
If the emails are classified as phishing or containing malware, they will still be quarantined.

To allow end-users to trust senders, administrators should check the Allow end-users to trust senders of Spam emails box in the Spam section of the Threat Prevention policy. 

Users can then click on a new link from their daily Quarantine Digest (end user quarantine report), to trust the senders/domains

Administrators can monitor the list of senders trusted by end users and manage it from their Avanan portal under Security Settings > Exceptions -> Anti-Spam

Note – this feature is being deployed gradually. You should see it in your portal during the next 10 days.