Administrators can now configure an automated feedback to be sent to end users when they report phishing training emails as phishing.

As part of their cyber security strategy, organizations often use a Phishing Simulation and Training solution (such as Check Point’s Smart Awareness).

With these solutions, they send fake phishing campaigns to bait users to respond or click on fake malicious links and subsequently educate them on the required caution amidst cyber threats.

When users report these phishing emails, organizations wish to send them an automated response commending them for the awareness.

Avanan automatically detects these reports and distinguishes them from reports on other emails.
Administrators can now configure a dedicated notification that will be sent to end users reporting phishing awareness and training emails.

To do that – go to Security Settings -> User Interaction -> Phishing Reports -> Phishing simulation emails, check the Notify user box and click on the cog icon () to configure the notification text.

Note – this feature is being deployed gradually. You should see it in your portal during the next 7 days.