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Jonathan Gold-Shalev

Link Re-Writing Inside Attachments

Links inside attachments are now replaced, so that the websites behind them are inspected every time the link is clicked by an end user

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Innovative Secured Handling of Password-Protected Attachments

Password-protected attachments can now be inspected, even if the email does not contain their passwords.

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Custom DLP Data Types

Administrators can now create custom data types to define the DLP policy that fits their organization best.   

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Announcing Email Archiving

Organizations can now choose to archive emails at Avanan to meet regulatory compliance standards, restore lost emails and for other legal use cases.

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SIEM Integration - Attaching Custom Fields to Every Event

Administrators can now define custom fields to be added to every event forwarded to SIEM platforms 

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Customize Email Body Banners

Administrators can now customize the email body banners for different workflows.

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Managing Views in the Events Dashboard

Administrators can now create multiple Saved Views in the Events dashboard and every administrator can select a different default view. 

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Incoming DLP - Add Email Banner

A new workflow that adds email body banner to incoming emails containing sensitive data.

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Generate a 30-Day Security Checkup Report

Administrators can now manually generate Security Checkup reports to cover the last 30 days.

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Adding Email Headers Based on Detections

Avanan can now add email headers to incoming emails, based on their inspection results.

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