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Jonathan Gold-Shalev

Keep Promotions (Graymail) Emails in a Separate Folder

A new set of workflows for Graymail, including a workflow to move them to a dedicated folder under the users’ Inbox.

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Automated Handling of Emails Reported as Phishing by End Users

A new set of workflows to automatically respond and remediate end user reports on phishing emails.

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Enhanced Retention for Emails Quarantined by Microsoft

Emails quarantined by Microsoft are now retained for a longer period of time than Microsoft’s retention and this duration can be configured.

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Hiding the Original URL from Re-Written URLs

Avanan can hide the full path of the original URL from end users to prevent them from bypassing URL security.

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AI Assistant - Email Search Powered by Generative AI

Administrators can now filter through emails using native language prompts.

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Enhanced Security for Actions taken by End Users

End users are required to authenticate before taking actions from email notifications

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Enhanced Prevention for Threats from Compromised Accounts

Avanan can automatically block all outgoing emails from accounts detected as compromised.

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Additional Workflow for Inbound DLP

Administrators can now select to quarantine inbound emails that violate the DLP policy without notifying end users

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Custom Sender for End User Restore Request Notifications

Administrators can now customize the sender address, From Name and Reply-To address of end user notifications related to submitted restore requests.

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Enhanced Granularity of Custom Queries

Users can now search for emails using multiple values in the same query field and select AND or OR operators between conditions in the same field.

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