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Jonathan Gold-Shalev

Infrastructure Upgrade to Support Our Fast Growth

As part of an infrastructure upgrade, over the next two months IP addresses and networks will be added to the definitions of the Avanan Connectors, Transport Rules and Connection Filters.

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Connecting Multiple Avanan Tenants to a Single Microsoft 365 Account

Organizations can now set up separate Avanan portals, each managing a different user group in the company’s Microsoft 365 account

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Limiting Protection Scope as Part of Initial Onboarding

Administrators can now limit the protection scope to a specific user group as part of the initial onboarding to Google / Microsoft

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SIEM Integration - Event Forwarding in Syslog Format

Avanan can now forward events to external SIEM platforms in Syslog format

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Customized Logo for End-User and Admin Notifications

Administrators can now upload a custom logo to be added to email notifications, browser pages and reports instead of the Avanan logo

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Dashboard Dark Mode Theme

Administrators can now switch the theme of the Avanan dashboard to Dark mode

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Password-Protected Documents Attached to Emails

The workflow asking end-users to enter the password to their encrypted attachments now supports Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF attachments.

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Ensure Emails that are Allow-Listed by Avanan are not Quarantined by Microsoft/Google

Avanan can be configured to ensure allow-listed emails are not quarantined or moved to Junk by Microsoft or Google.

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Microsoft Modern Authentication – Re-Authorization Required for Some Tenants

Some tenants will require re-authorization of Avanan to connect to their Microsoft 365 account.

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Infrastructure Upgrade to Support Microsoft Modern Authentication

To upgrade from Microsoft Basic Authentication to Modern Authentication, a small infrastructure work will be done for customers protecting Microsoft 365. No impact on email delivery, security or dashb...

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