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Jonathan Gold-Shalev

Enhanced Customization of the End User Quarantine Report (Digest)

Administrators can now customize the footer and description texts in the end user quarantine report (digest) and remove the section of the emails delivered to Junk.

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End Users to Generate a Quarantine Report (Digest) On Demand

End users can now generate a fresh quarantine report (digest) for the last 24 hours at any time.

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Enhanced Visibility to the Enforcement Actions Google Took on Emails

Administrators now have visibility to how Avanan classified emails that Google decided to let through to end users and are able to filter emails by Google’s enforcement decision.

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Visibility to the Number of All Incoming Emails and Emails that were Quarantined by Microsoft

The Email Security Flow chart in the main Security Overview dashboard now includes the number of emails quarantined by Microsoft.

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Automatic Retroactive Scanning of Emails from Accounts Detected as Compromised

After detecting an account as compromised, emails previously sent from this account are scanned and - if needed - removed from users’ mailboxes.

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Granular Workflow Configuration for Potential Partner Impersonation Attacks

Administrators can trigger a specific workflow when the sender domain closely resembles a domain of a partner.

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Enhanced Protection against Email Bomb Attacks

Administrators can now configure when an Email Bomb attack should be detected and what workflow should be triggered for it.

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URL Reputation Exceptions – Now also for Emails

URL Reputation exceptions are now applied not only to Slack and Teams messages, but also to emails and clicks on re-written links.

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Custom Query Export Enhancements

Administrators can now export Custom Query results in XSLX format and results more than 10,000 lines.

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Partner Risk Assessment – Detection of Potentially Compromised Partners

Administrators now have visibility to the partners they work with and are alerted on partners that are potentially compromised.

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