Administrators can now choose to sanitize attachments before delivering them to end users.Malicious email attachments are a significant security threat for organizations that can lead to successful Ransomware attacks, data exfiltration and more.
For this reason, Avanan already inspects every attachments with Check Point’s most advanced and market-leading sandbox, which sets Avanan apart from the rest of the competitors.

Some organizations want to add a layer of security on top of the sandbox to ensure that even if the sandbox misses an attack, the user is still not exposed to it.

Avanan now introduces Attachment Cleaning, which utilizes Check Point’s Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology to remove macros, embedded objects and any other active content from email attachments and then deliver them to end users.
This way, any part of the document that could theoretically contain malware is removed from the attachment without impacting its integrity and most users won’t even notice the change.
Furthermore, administrators can opt to convert the attachment to PDF format before delivering it to the end users, as an added safety measure.

Then, administrators can decide to allow end users to retrieve the original version of the attachment, without admins needing to approve each request, thus not adding load on the help desk team.

With the new CDR technology added, end users get more security for malicious attachments without impacting their or the help desk team productivity.

To configure Attachment Cleaning, go to the Threat Detection policy (inline mode) and under Attachments -> Attachment Cleaning:

  • Check the Clean attachments before delivering to end users box
  • Select what file types to clean or convert to PDF
  • Select whether end users can restore / request the restore of the original attachments

Note – this feature is being deployed gradually. You should see it in your portal in the next 2 weeks.