Administrators can configure their DLP policy for Microsoft 365 emails to send out emails encrypted by Avanan

DLP is used to block and manage sharing sensitive information with external parties.

However, while some emails should absolutely not be shared over the public internet, email is the most common and easiest way for employees to communicate.

Too allow for safe email correspondence with partners and customers, organizations turn to Secure Messaging, where external parties view sensitive emails through an authenticated portal, while the sending organization controls the availability of the message to the external party.

For years, Avanan have seamlessly integrated with Microsoft’s Email Encryption (secure messaging), allowing customers to configure an Avanan DLP policy that triggers the Microsoft Encryption for the email.

Now, customers that choose not to use the Microsoft Email Encryption for various reasons can still send their sensitive external communications securely using Avanan’s own SmartVault – a proprietary secure messaging solution.

Customers can also customize SmartVault to align with their security and branding standards, with settings such as how long the link to the message will be available for, the sender address, subject and more.

To encrypt sensitive emails via SmartVault, create an inline DLP policy, and under the DLP workflow, select one of the SmartVault workflows.

To customize the SmartVault parameters, go to Configuration > Security Engines and click Configure next to Avanan SmartVault

Note – this feature is being deployed gradually. It should be available in your portal in the upcoming week.