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Avanan on The Tech Blog Writer Podcast

Welcome Tech Blog Writer Podcast Listeners! Avanan was recently featured on Neil Hughes' Tech Writer Blog podcast. Here are some useful resources for the podcast's l...

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Gmail Exploit Allows DNC and Clinton Campaign Email Attack

Hackers infiltrated Gmail accounts of the DNC and the Clinton Campaign, pointing to a pervasive weakness of cloud-based email.

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Virus Guides—Massive Cerber Spam Campaign Attacked Microsoft Office 365 Corporate Users

Cerber played an audio file, informing the user that his files have been encrypted while a warning message was displayed on the screen.

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Security Week—Cerber Ransomware Used in Massive Attack Targeting Office 365 Users

Over the past months, ransomware has become a widespread cyber-threat aimed at enterprises and consumers alike, and a recent massive attack against Office 365 users ...

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SC Mag—Microsoft Office 365 Hit with Massive Cerber Ransomware Attack, Report

At least 57 percent of all Office 365 customers received at least one phishing attempt that contained the infected attachment.

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InfoWorld—Cerber Ransomware Targets Enterprises via Office 365

Millions of Office 365 users were potentially at risk for a Cerber infection last week, as ransomware targeting shifts from individuals to enterprises.

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