Good security doesn't exist in a vacuum. Your company can employ all the security in the world--but do your partners and suppliers follow the same protocols?

Take an example from the world of finance.

Let's say a vendor you work with gets hacked by a bad actor. Very easily, that hacker can begin sending invoices and reference strange bank accounts.

Here's the tricky part: the sending email address will be legit. The standard sender verification marks will be passed. 

Discerning users can find tell-tale signs that something is amiss in billing terms and fine print. Or, the reply-to address can be different than what you're used to.

That cyber hygiene from end-users is incredibly important and is always recommended.

However, this is why it's incredibly important to secure the supply chain

Avanan automatically learns your company's list of suppliers and partners, with no need to upload or maintain a database manually. Also automatically, we discover the importance of the partner to your organization, the traffic patterns, the employees they engage with, and much more. We also assess business volume, looking at all invoices and calculating the risk based on the dollar amount.  Your entire supply chain risk is automatically and dynamically assessed, updated and secured--without any manual actions from your already overworked IT team. 

Not only do we show the risk of a potential supply chain attack, but we also stop these attacks from reaching your inbox. That's due to our inline protection, which prevents malicious emails from reaching the inbox. 

You can't ensure your partners and vendors will be secure as you are. But you can work to ensure their lapses don't become yours.

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