If you already have a Secure Email Gateway in your environment, you may be wondering how an API-based solution like Avanan works with your current setup.

The answer? Seamlessly.

Avanan connects via API. That means it has no interference with your SEG set-up. 

Beyond that, Avanan has a unique method of securing email. Its advanced AI is trained on the attacks that your SEG misses. So if an SEG misses an attack, Avanan will stop it. That's the ultimate in defense-in-depth security.

What's more, SEGs are blind to internal threats, missing up to 35% of attacks; Avanan scans all internal emails. Further, Avanan can protect your entire cloud suite, such as Teams, Slack or OneDrive.

Avanan can do the entire work of an SEG and act as a full replacement. However, it can also sit behind an SEG and catch what they miss.

Good security should provide options. That's what you have with Avanan. You can keep your current security, and simply buttress it with Avanan's patented protection. Or, you can decide to fully replace your SEG with Avanan, as many of our customers do. The choice is yours.

Whatever you're looking for, start your trial within five minutes to see the effectiveness in your environment.

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