One of the major vectors for cyberattacks is through the supply chain. 

Companies work with tons of different suppliers, vendors and other third parties. A supply chain attack occurs when the attacker compromises a third party. When a trusted partner gets hacked, all the companies that they do business with are at risk.

This risk is real and rising. A survey in October 2021 found that 97% of companies have been impacted by a breach in the supply chain; further 93% said that they suffered a breach due directly to the suppliers' weaknesses.

Your security is only as good as your partner's security.

To guard against that, however, Avanan's Supply Chain Protection is here.

Avanan automatically learns your company's list of suppliers and partners, with no need to upload or maintain a database manually. Also automatically, we discover the importance of the partner to your organization, the traffic patterns, the employees they engage with, and much more. We also assess business volume, looking at all invoices and calculating the risk based on the dollar amount.  Your entire supply chain risk is automatically and dynamically assessed, updated and secured--without any manual actions from your already overworked IT team. 

Not only do we show the risk of a potential supply chain attack, but we also stop these attacks from reaching your inbox. That's due to our inline protection, which prevents malicious emails from reaching the inbox. 

Further, if there's a supply chain attack that affects another company that Avanan protects, the entirety of the Avanan network is instantly protected.

Utilizing our network of millions of inboxes, we can immediately pick up on the earliest signals of downstream supply chain attacks. Additionally, we integrate with Check Point's ThreatCloud, a repository of 150,000 connected networks, millions of endpoint devices, dozens of machine learning and AI engines, that detects and stops over 6,000 previously unknown malware daily. 

Here's how it looks in action:

Let's take the following example.

Company A has been hacked. The hacker is sending emails from their account to scores of companies. When Company A sends an email to Company B, which is protected by Avanan, not only is the email stopped for Company B, but it's instantly stopped for all of our customers. That sort of reach is only possible with our global footprint.

You can't assume that your suppliers are as secure as you are. With our Supply Chain Protection, their risk is no longer yours.

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