In the tech world, you hear a lot of talk about beautifully designed User Interfaces (UI).

It's a buzzword. You'll see the phrase "slick UI" in marketing copy quite often.

It's important for websites to look nice, for the user experience to be top-notch. That's a given.

But here's a little secret: It doesn't mean anything if the tech behind the UI isn't up to par.

It's what's under the hood that matters most of all.

At Avanan, we combine beautiful interfaces with top-of-the-line technology. You'll see that in our SmartPhish analysis dashboards. Here's what it looks like:


This is a beautifully rendered interface that shows, in detail, what our unique Artificial Intelligence had to say about the email. You'll get an overview of why Avanan decided to mark an email clean or malicious. 

We bring that same functionality to even more detailed charts:

We drill even deeper with textual analysis of the email to show which parts set off alarm bells.

The same thing applies to URL analysis.



This is a beautifully rendered way of showing why an email is malicious. But the overall point is just that: marking the email malicious. It's that unique AI that has made Avanan the number-one-rated email security vendor, according to Gartner and G2

As you evaluate email security companies, pay attention to how the dashboards look and how the UX compares. But above all, the technology behind the scenes has to be on point. That's what you get with Avanan—a 99.2% reduction in phishing emails reaching the inbox.

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