We're excited to release SmartPhish Analysis. In our email dashboard, you'll see a number of info panels that give insight into our AI's decision into marking an email clean or malicious.

The new email analysis info panels are added to the existing email page. The insights are provided by the SmartPhish engine, breaking down the impact that different parts of the email had on the AI model. The new panels also highlight the different suspicious paragraphs in the email body and provide technical analysis on the sender, URLs, and email traffic.

Here's some examples of what it'll look like:


We also go further, showing which individual parts set alarm bells:

We also dig deep into the text of the email to show what specific words and phrases tipped off our AI:



We also show a detailed analysis of the URLs in an email:

You'll be able to see the relationship between sender and receiver:

And finally, you can see the email transport chain:


Our AI is unique because we train it on what other tools miss. We're the only company that can do that, because of our location in the path. Further, we train our AI on what we miss by integrating with the user-reporting mechanism. We also train our AI on false positives (from both us and others) With the user quarantine exception management. Plus, utilizing our Incident Response as a Service, we can not only respond to new attacks instantly but also update our AI across all methods when a methodology is discovered. 

It's impossible to do email security without AI—and AI is only as good as the training set.

That's what sets Avanan apart. And now, that analysis is available to you, providing detailed information will assist the admins when investigating security incidents, as well as requests from end-users to release emails from quarantine or reports on potentially missed phishing.

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