How to Intro Avanan to Customers

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Why Sell Email Security?

  • Email security is the tip of the spear and a strategy for new logo acquisition
  • 90% of all breaches start with email
  • Most ransomware attacks occur from email
  • Organizations are looking for advanced email security solutions today 
  • Fast sales cycle and easy to prove the value

Key Talking Points

Here are a few bullet points about the Avanan platform that might be worthy of a greater discussion.  

  • Legacy Email Gateway (LEG) solutions like Proofpoint and Mimecast were designed when email was on prem.  Email is now in the cloud and it requires a much different approach.
  • 60% of Avanan deployments are complete replacements to these legacy solutions.  This includes large scale replacements of Proofpoint and Mimecast in the Fortune 500
  • Avanan has been the #1 ranked email security solution in Gartner Peer Insights and G2 for two years running
  • Complete - Avanan Secures the entire suite - email security is one element of overall suite security
  • If you are interested in reducing email-borne attacks and saving time managing the email threat, get a demo.  You won't be disappointed
  • The trial proves its value by showing the attacks your existing provider missed

Key Content

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Why 1+1=5 with Avanan and Check Point

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