As you may be aware, Check Point has recently acquired the leader within email security—Avanan.  We're excited about this acquisition because many of our customers have great concerns about the email-borne threats from phishing and ransomware.  This acquisition allows Check Point to meet your email security needs today.


We know that email is the #1 threat resulting in breaches and the number one vector used in ransomware attacks.   Avanan's massive success is due to the fact that the migration to cloud email necessitated a new approach to securing it. Legacy gateways built for securing on-prem email weren't good enough to secure the cloud email threat. Avanan then created a new approach that was AI and API enabled—built for cloud email from the ground up.  Since their founding, the effectiveness of their solution has been demonstrated by their massive growth (5,000+ customers worldwide) and rave customer reviews (#1 rank in Gartner Peer Insights and G2).

In short, here are a few bullet points about the Avanan platform that might be worthy of a greater discussion.  

  • Works either as a replacement to your existing email security platform or a supplement
  • Offers Advanced AI detects the advanced phishing threats missed by other security vendors
  • Secures the entire suite - email security is one element of overall suite security
  • Demonstrating value is easy via a trial that does not require updates to your MX record and is seamless to your end-users 

Given this news and the immediate value we can bring, can we schedule some time to give you an overview of the solution and perhaps a demo?


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